Lou Barlow - Redeemed Lyric

Lou Barlow - Redeemed

Title: Redeemed

Artist: Lou Barlow

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Full_title : Lou Barlow - Redeemed
Title : Redeemed,
Artist: Lou Barlow

p>The story of my innocence is brief
I started early stayed up late to creep
Then i was redeemed you gave me every thing i need
Yesterday denied tomorrow by your side i'll sleep

Save a forest use my wood
Gathered matter i said she could
I said that she could have anything she desired
Once she got it she set my little world on fire

Memories are made of razor blades even if their good
Standards have a way of being raised till someday what was good is no good
And that's good


We share a passion i can't mention here
Involving solving mysteries anywhere
If i was to say i know she couldn't take it on
I need a place to live in somewhere i can bring my thoughts to you
And be redeemed again