Wu-Tang Clan - On The Strength Lyric

Wu-Tang Clan - On The Strength

Title: On The Strength

Artist: Wu-Tang Clan

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Full_title : Wu-Tang Clan - On The Strength
Title : On The Strength,
Artist: Wu-Tang Clan

p>[Intro:] Okay God it's like this If we don't manifest our power to the fullest Man, you know what I'm saying? Nothing will become of everything that we plan Understand and understood God See we goin' show them the strength in what we doing Cause this is for he babies (indeed) That's why it's on the strength Everything is on the strength [Verse 1:] Simultaneous anger to this life I'm no stranger Galaxy mission to attack in the track black Diplomats in the world called rapture Death was a concept I didn't want to capture The laughter singing over ?mantress d? Street colleagues slow up, Their man got tow up Guts be throw up sipping on rum We sing from the creed of a begger's last son Cash fast fun, no life undone Take what you need son cause you daddy made mo' than one And it was fun 'till reality formed screaming >From a palace where the weather's warm Yo you have to be the father and the lord of the score Used to hover here now it's cutting your vocal cord No mo' speaking the lies to the weak 'Cause I'm about killing these guys with my feet Today it's a stage maybe later it's a cosmic course The general I be rocking on the horse On the strength of course don't let it be in vain Cause it's time for The Beggaz to reign, remain [Verse 2:] A vision my facility a death world trilogy (you see that shit) Now fictional plots speak out through gunshots Battles won and lost at the of heaven's throne The sky rains blood drowning the earth with red mud I be sitting on the edge of Mars counting stars Finding me a place in space unchaseable No mortal can't fulfill such skill they incapable Of keeping all the planets in-line with one mind Make the sun and moon both shine at one time I orchestrate the guns that air for God's sake Precipitate make rain, hail, snow and earthquake Levitate the gravitational pull of Haleys comet Shake the chords of earth make a euro-volacanic vomit Ebonic with sonic waves that blaze the human flesh It flames extra-terrestrial it's time to reap professional Feel the untestable force burning your course Hints of visible thoughts be the source of Begga sorcery ....Begga sorcery [Chorus] ON THE STRENGTH Time is money and gain ON THE STRENGTH Math is one and the same ON THE STRENGTH Whining is something for pain ON THE STRENGTH Beggaz for ever remain [Repeat] [Verse 3:] Buddah Hava who lives the ways by nature Escape on a galactic space caper To the nexus, transportation a glass Lexus Forever present is Wu Chi in the essence Of life is immortal we travel through portals thats phenomenon, paragon through the octagon My Chi gong is calm, express through Alvatron Love hell alright is the day destroys the night Knife divides today feathers are harmonious And universal ways to escapades We take what we need to survive and stay alive Draw more sometimes as we break through the other side [Verse 4:] The Knoliton master law and order Astrolgoic civilize the human family throughout the populous Live forever like metabolics Everything I speak has logic Estimated all partsman of the chief king fistboxin' Inscribe within the Begga doctrine Manual infold I roll protect my physic from elements of the globe We communicate like space probe, Remainder of the square frag the author of the final chapter seven star grandmaster Pugilist John Trappa M.D. Go-go thirteen professional MC I bomb squads like Hank Sharpley Expose a fraud like hardcopy I know click and shoot like paparazzi With the never conclusive euro language of usage Street persona, my thought is blacker than the pre-madonna Far and beyond, If lickin' who warfare like Sadam Invade everyone like Ghangis Khan Forever will remain And the Beggaz will continue go on....... [Chorus] mixing then fade away......

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