Lou Barlow - Nerve Lyric

Lou Barlow - Nerve

Title: Nerve

Artist: Lou Barlow

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Full_title : Lou Barlow - Nerve
Title : Nerve,
Artist: Lou Barlow

p>divided cause i did or didn't talk enough and then
in the deep, deprived of sleep, i caved in
out of sight out of mind out of ways to care
when you finally looked you saw a stranger standing there

i remember we were hipsters..
sleeping with our cats..
young and thin and fucking crazy
fine till something cracked
and we're not much stronger


seems the more we have at stake the slower we respond
give me more the back is for the weight of all upon
till i decide i can't abide what i was asking for
and blame you for the burden , claim the burden was a bore
what's wrong with wanting
more than i deserve
but what do i deserve
the nerve
to ask for more for more to give away


in the end i won't pretend that every things all right
what i deny will crawl inside and keep me up at night
sleep is all we ever wanted
deep to be restored
face the day with will to change what's wrong with wanting more