Incognito - Love Born In Flames Lyric

Incognito - Love Born In Flames

Title: Love Born In Flames

Artist: Incognito

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Full_title : Incognito - Love Born In Flames
Title : Love Born In Flames,
Artist: Incognito

p>I'm sorry for the things I said
And for the times I tuned you out
It's crazy how we hurt the ones
We love and truly care about

You're blessing in my life
Even though we push and pull
It's all right
The attraction in that we are opposites


Stars lose their shine
It's hard to see the light
When love is in decline
(Some just let go)
We carry on
Holding on strong
'Til the end of the line
Yes we go on and on and on
Believing in our song
This live was born in flames
That's why it still remains