Dredg - Lightswitch Lyric

Dredg - Lightswitch

Title: Lightswitch

Artist: Dredg

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Full_title : Dredg - Lightswitch
Title : Lightswitch,
Artist: Dredg

p>I was put in a round room
And told to sit in the corner
While they wash my brain with a dirty rag

I was given a hammer
And told to build a fortress
With walls impossible to penetrate

You're the only thing I need
And you've become the only thing
That keeps me breathing without you I'd be


In a dark place, no lightswitch
An open wound without a stitch
Maybe now you will understand

No matter how stable
The foundation may seem
Everything is crashing down on me

With paper cuts on fingertips
Blackened eyes and broken lips
Forever wounded, it's hard to tell

You're the only thing I need
Whether I fail or succeed
Within my blindness you're all I see

The morning fog sun burns away
A predator's eye without its prey
Maybe now you will understand


I won't quit on you
No, I won't quit on you ever
I won't ever leave
Ever, ever, ever, ever