The Hidden Cameras - Day I Left Home Lyric

The Hidden Cameras - Day I Left Home

Title: Day I Left Home

Artist: The Hidden Cameras

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Full_title : The Hidden Cameras - Day I Left Home
Title : Day I Left Home,
Artist: The Hidden Cameras

p>I burned everything I own, left it in a pile smoldering
Took about on foot out into the wood like an animal
Hap'd upon a tree, slept there underneath the birds and planes
Woke up to find that I was alone

Took a man's ride with an eagle eye I was careless
Rolling down the road, in from the cold I was tripping
He took me to his lair said we should be married with a grin
I refuse to make amends
Refuse to wallow anymore


So I telephoned my friend to take the upper hand for the first time
Down on knees digging out the weeds of all the years
I reserve the right to speak
Reserve my right to let it all out
One day you'll see that I'm gone