Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd Lyric

Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd

Title: Color Me Badd

Artist: Color Me Badd

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Full_title : Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd
Title : Color Me Badd,
Artist: Color Me Badd

p>We'd like 2 introduce us
We're Color Me Bad, the funky new band
And our dope producer... Dr. Freeze
With Mark, Bryan, Kevin, and Sam
We're down with the Warner Brothers and
You'll hear on Giant Records
Our music is R&B & hip hop (so just let us)
Entertain and groove you
We're not a fad, we're Color Me Badd


Color Me Bad (o wee um, ooh um)
Color Me Bad (o wee um, ooh um)

They said it wasn't easy
We had to practice every day
Always stick together
Even when we work or just play

We just stick to what you wanna hear
We're Color Me bad

Every time the radio plays we appear
We're dope y'all, like this y'all, like this y'all



Now we're talkin' about the Color
Like this group there ain't no other
We're dope y'all, word 2 the mutha
We discover, Yo Freeze, Spyderman
U know we're all brothers, breakin' off with a new style,
wild top of the pile, versatile, makin' other singers sad,
Color Me bad, Papa's gotta brand new bag.
And then U say yo damn
What's got into mark, Bryan, kevin, and Sam.
It's about a jam produced by the man Dr. freeze
and the help of spyderman